Belebro horse exerciser

The horse exerciser stands on the ground in the middle of the installation and is available in diameters from 11 up to 30 meters and can be divided for 3 to 10 horses. The horse exercisers are all provided with our special Safeguard Plus14 separation hurdles.
All our exercisers are equipped with a V-belt drive system, exercisers with a diameter of up to 20 meters are driven by a 1.1 kW electromotor with a reduction gear unit. Exercisers with a diameter of more than 20 meters are equipped with a 2.2 kW electromotor. The life expectancy in normal use is reckoned to be average 15,000 hours. 


  • TR : Control box with manually adjustable walk and trotting speed, periodic automatic direction change with the possibility to choose a given direction. Provided with extra heating element and a four level warning current switch.
  • TRC : Completely computer driven control box with memory for the storage of up to 99 programs entered by the user, whereby speed and turning times are variable. 
  • Warning current system for warning current on the separations. 
  • Dust prevention provision (sprinkler system) for a dust-free surface.
  • Automatic lubrication system for automatic lubrication of the ball bearing